BOSTON (CBS) – A pregnant harbor porpoise died this week after stranding itself in Dorchester during the height of Wednesday’s nor’easter.

The porpoise was found on the shore of the Harbor Point complex.

According to the New England Aquarium, harbor porpoises are the smallest of the dolphin species found in New England.

They usually measure 4.5-6 feet and weigh under 200 pounds.

porpoise Porpoise Dies After Stranding In Dorchester During Noreaster

New England Aquarium biologists prepare a harbor porpoise stranded in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood for an animal autopsy. (Image Credit: New England Aquarium)

On Friday biologists performed a necropsy, which is an autopsy for animals, on the porpoise. Experts found the porpoise’s liver and other organs had been compromised by “an unusually high parasite load.”

The young porpoise was unable to negotiate the high and irregular waves of Dorchester Bay during the storm.

“The trauma of the stranding was too much for this already debilitated harbor porpoise,” New England Aquarium said.

“Despite this sad outcome, her presence in the harbor is a reminder of the magnificent marine wildlife that is all around the metropolitan area.”


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