By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The NHL wants Brad Marchand to know that he’s being watched.

The league fined Marchand $2,000 for embellishment, for which he was penalized last week against the Penguins.

Marchand was subject to the fine, as it was his second notice from the league on the matter. He was first issued a warning after embellishing a call against the Lightning on Nov. 29.

The rules for the league’s embellishment punishments are as follows:

First offense: Warning
Second offense: $2,000 fine
Third offense: $3,000 fine
Fourth offense: $4,000 fine
Fifth offense: $5,000 fine (plus $2,000 fine for head coach)
Sixth offense: $5,000 fine (plus $3,000 fine for head coach)
Seventh offense: $5,000 fine (plus $4,000 fine for head coach)
Eighth offense: $5,000 fine (plus $5,000 fine for head coach)

In his most recent incident, Marchand was tripped up by Olli Maatta behind the Pittsburgh net. Matta got his stick under Marchand’s left skate and lifted it, hooking Marchand’s left leg off the ice. Marchand twisted his body and fell to the ice. Both players went to the penalty box — Maatta for tripping, Marchand for embellishment.

In the Tampa game in November — the one which drew the warning from the NHL — Marchand was cross-checked by Mikhail Sergachev in front of the Boston bench. Marchand dropped to the ice after being contracted by Sergachev’s stick.

Both players in that instance went to the box, as well — Sergachev for interference, and Marchand for embellishment.

It’s not Marchand’s first correspondence with the league office. He was suspended for five games earlier this season for an elbow to the head of Marcus Johansson. That was Marchand’s sixth NHL suspension.


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