BOSTON (CBS) – The family of a former Boston city councilor is pleading to find a kidney donor.

John Nucci, who is the father of Boston Police officer Mike Nucci, suffers from polycystic kidney disease.

Though John’s father suffered from the hereditary disease, the former councilor’s kidneys had been fully functioning until recently.

mikeandjohnnucci Former Boston City Councilor In Need Of Kidney As Soon As Possible

Mike And John Nucci. (Image Credit: Boston Police)

Due to the disease, Nucci’s kidneys are now functioning at just 15 percent of what they should be.

Boston Police said John’s family has intensified the search for a kidney, and are looking to find a donor “as soon as possible.”

nucci Former Boston City Councilor In Need Of Kidney As Soon As Possible

John Nucci. (WBZ-TV)

John joined WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben and Liam Martin to spread awareness about March being Kidney Awareness Month.

“For anybody who spends their life in public service, which I have done, you spend a lot of time taking requests for help from people,” Nucci said at the time. “You don’t mind, because that’s what you do. You try to provide that help. I find myself now on the other side of that call, making a request for people to help me.”

Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a donor is asked to visit the John Nucci PKD Awareness Facebook page or go to the Mass General Hospital donor website to fill out a questionnaire.

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