By Beth Germano

NEWBURYPORT (CBS) – Downtown Newburyport was like a ghost town as power to nearly the entire town went out in the middle of the night leaving dozens of businesses closed.

One of the few “open” signs was a Salvation Army warming center where Denise Logan brought her two children on a no school day.

“I think it’s about 50 in the house and it’s cold and we have no power,” said Logan.

Mayor Donna Holaday says utility crews can’t get to work until the problem at the main substation to the town was determined.

A helicopter has to fly over the site to see the affected lines.

National Grid was still in “damage assessment” mode Thursday leaving Newburyport without power. (WBZ-TV)

It made Nick’s Pizza a popular place since it’s the only restaurant open for miles with a generator, and the orders keep on coming.

“We just got a big order of twenty trays and five more now.  We’re expecting a big night tonight,” said owner Frank Labarba.

Mayor Holaday says it’s difficult for the many restaurants in town which are usually busy on a Thursday night leading up to the weekend.

Most businesses in Newburyport were closed Thursday because of widespread power outages. (WBZ-TV)

Drivers could find gas at only one station in the area, also powered by a generator, and they needed it.

“I’m driving to Topsfield to get power to do work, coming back to deliver paperwork.  How can we function without internet and our cellphones,” said Barb Cullen.

Beth Germano


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