DUXBURY (CBS) – People living on the coast were bracing for another tough night, as many are still recovering from last week’s nor’easter.

As snow fell in Central Mass. Wednesday night, rain lashed the Massachusetts shoreline. Contorted beach homes, mounds of dirt and rocks remain from the last nor’easter.

Residents were worried as they dealt with their second storm in a week. “The waves have just been incredible, every single day. And when they pound the seawall they shake the house and I’m across the street,” said Duxbury resident Kim Murphy.

Crews placed boulders behind a broken section of seawall in Duxbury (WBZ-TV)

This time around, Duxbury residents say they’ll take the rain over the pounding surf. Over the weekend, multiple tides toppled 300 feet of the town’s seawall causing water to flow in.

But now a Band-Aid fix of boulders and buckled concrete kept the ocean at bay Wednesday night.

“It looks like some water has kind of come through the cracks and maybe a little over but the back-fill that they’ve done seems to be really doing the trick for now,” Murphy said.

When Wednesday’s high tide hit, it was afternoon, hours before the height of the storm causing no major flooding.

Local leaders are breathing a sigh of relief for now, until they can get a permanent fix.


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