BOSTON (CBS) – Madison Park High School senior Francisca Barros-Depina says her last basketball game was one she will never forget even though she’d like to.

“I didn’t expect to get blown out that bad,” Barros-Depina said. Her Lady Cardinals was beaten unmercifully against East Bridgewater High School 93-7 in the first round of the Division 3 South Sectional tournament last week.

East Bridgewater beat Madison Park High School 93-to-7. (WBZ-TV)

“Very demoralized and sad and very embarrassed. Just made me want to hide and make me never play ball again and go home,” Barros-Depina said.

Madison Park High School senior Francisca Barros-Depina (WBZ-TV)

East Bridgewater led 48-4 at halftime. Francis says East Bridgewater’s coach never stopped the full court press. “Why keep pressing to make the score go up more. It’s bad sportsmanship and low basketball hospitality and it’s disgusting,” Barros-Depina said.

East Bridgewater Athletic Director Patrick Leonard says, “We were part of an unfortunate situation against Madison Park on Wednesday night which the end result of a tournament game did not reflect who we are as Vikings. We try each and every day to learn from our mistakes and this situation is no different.”

“The AD did come up to us and apologized and said he will talk to him about it and shouldn’t have done that,” Barros-Depina said.

She says most of her teammates are freshmen and this was their first time playing in a big game like that. She said the opposing coach should’ve played his younger athletes especially when the game out of hand. “As a coach you should know better and want better because the way you coach your team it really reflects back on yourself,” she said.

She says after the game some East Bridgewater fans even apologized for the score. And she thanks her coach and her teammates for conducting themselves with class during this terrible defeat. “We are not a team low in sportsmanship. Lose or win we show respect and Coach Karla enforces that a lot,” Barros–Depina said.

The MIAA says while the coach did not break any rules they do plan to look at the incident at the next State Basketball committee meeting after the season.

Paul Burton

Comments (4)
  1. Mark Pilcher says:

    Maybe you could work to get better at basketball?

  2. Amy L. Troup says:

    The only thing I am taking with me from this is the AD’s comment!!! thank you…
    there were no rules broken

  3. A Democrat in training… can’t take a butt whoopin’ without whining & complaining about the other team & coach ! YOU lost, your team lost, your coach lost… time for ALL you to get better at what you are doing… maybe more and better practices… whatever… other than whining about what the other WINNING team ‘should have done”… THEY had a winning attitude, and were prepared…unlike YOU !

  4. Jim Sweeney says:

    they were winning 48-4 at half and outscored them 49-3 in the second half. how to keep it classy e bridgewater. great coach, lousy human being.