March 3, 2018
On Saturday, March 10, there will be a celebration of hope and inspiration! The Snow Flower Festival (Feria Nieves Flores) is an event that is being organized for the very first time in Boston, to celebrate the lives of the many displaced families that were victims of hurricane Maria down in Puerto Rico. These families, who are now living in Massachusetts, came from the warm weather and are not used to living in the cold. Many of them do not have family or friends here; they do not have jobs and in some cases, they do not speak the English language – they are forced to thrive and bloom under very harsh circumstances. On this edition of Centro, WBZ’s Yadires Nova-Salcedo talks to event organizers Dan McKenzie and Dr. Sgt. Darlene Flores on the English version of our show and to Zenaida Ramos and Debbi Barrios on the Spanish version. Tune in!

Watch Centro in Spanish

NOTE: You can watch both the English and Spanish versions of Centro anytime, visiting our website

Feria Nieves Flores
Saturday, March 10  5PM-1AM
Paris St. Gallery
101 Paris St.
Everett, Ma.
(857) 540-3920

Twitter: @YadiresWBZ
Instagram: @Yadires

Watch CENTRO with Yadires Nova-Salcedo on WBZ TV-4 (CBS Boston) Saturday’s at 7:50am.


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