PROVINCETOWN (CBS) – Cleanup efforts on the Cape were in full swing on Saturday as the damage left from Friday’s nor’easter came into view after the rain let up.

People took time in between high tides to clean up and tried their best to dodge continuing wind gusts.

In Provincetown on Saturday, a boat remained stuck on the side of a jetty.

Businesses in the popular tourist spot sat boarded up. Sand and debris had washed onto the town streets and sidewalks.

davidcoxcape Cleanup Efforts Continue On The Cape After Destructive Noreaster

Saturday cleanup efforts in Provincetown after Friday’s nor’easter (Photo Courtesy: David Cox)

With wind gusts that hit up to 93 mph, thousands of trees were knocked down.

Eversource enlisted an army of crews, including teams from out of state, to help turn the lights back on.

The process was slow-moving because all of the downs trees have to be removed before power can be restored.

By Saturday night, teams had helped more than 200,000 customers since the storm began.

More than 451,000 outages were reported late Friday night across the state, according to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

Even though crews are working 24/7, it could be days before power is restored 100%.

“We expect with the damage that we’ve seen and the amount of work we have to do that the restoration effort is going to continue through the weekend and likely into the beginning of next week,” said Mike Durand from Eversource.

Houses and cars were damaged by trees as well.

The Sandwich Fire Department tweeted pictures of large trees lying on and around a house.

A driver in Orleans was lucky after a near miss with a falling tree branch.

orleanstreecar Cleanup Efforts Continue On The Cape After Destructive Noreaster

Tree branch falls through a car in Orleans (Photo Courtesy: Orleans Police)

Police said the branch came flying through the passenger side of a truck that was driving around during the storm.

Fortunately, no one was in that seat.


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