EAST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – The East Bridgewater High School girls basketball team won its playoff opener by a score of 93-7. No, there was not a typo in the box score.

The Vikings beat the Madison Park girls in the first round of the Division 3 South Sectional tournament on Wednesday.

“The final score is going to be 93, East Bridgewater, Madison Park 7, believe it or not,” the announcer calling the game for East Bridgewater Community Access Media said on the broadcast as the final seconds ticked off the clock.

The Enterprise reported that following the game, East Bridgewater Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Legault apologized for the margin of victory.

“This is not a reflection of our student body or our athletic program,” Legault told the newspaper about what she called “an unfortunate situation.”

East Bridgewater led 48-4 at halftime, then outscored Madison Park 45-3 in the second half.

Legault told the Enterprise she hopes the game will bring “a thoughtful reflection from our program leaders.”

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  1. I am a parent of 2 children. My son played high school baseball from ’03 until ’06. My recollection is, the team had to be at least .500 to qualify for the tournament. I would assume the same applies to other sports such as basketball. Certainly it is “bush” to run up a score like that but … my question is, How did Madison Park qualify to be in the tournament?

  2. The superintendent did well to apologize on behalf of the “winning” coaches. The “winning” coaches owe an apology to the bench players and their parents for not letting the subs onto the floor until a few minutes were remaining. Those coaches really need to rethink their vocation.

    1. Sean Smith says:

      What is wrong with the coaching and athletic director at East Bridgewater ? The idea of leading by this margin…. and doing full court presses almost the entire game, and running the ball for the entire game… and NOT playing your bench players, — is just unfathomable. And lastly, what coach on earth would want to send the Madison Park players home feeling, to some degree, worthless. I am so saddened by the real lesson here… And lastly, I can only suspect there was a underlying racist message exhibited here. East Bridgewater this is shameful.

      1. Bill Scafidi says:

        First of all the Athletic Director doesn’t coach the game. He or She can deal with the coach afterwards. Secondly the most disturbing thing about this entire situation is that someone would bring the race card out. You are in a word pathetic.

  3. It is a matter of poor judgment on the part of East Bridgewater’s Coach. The players sitting on the bench should have been given the opportunity to play at halftime with such a lead.

  4. Alan B Flood says:

    So regardless of which players on the floor – we tell them to not score points? Aren’t they playing this game and trying to hone their basketball skills for the next team they play in playoffs? What is sad is there ought to be a mercy rule on runaway scores like this that end the game at a certain point if the losing team cannot be effective on offense or defense. Clearly as suggested elsewhere the Madison team was questionable to be in a playoff level game.

    1. I agree with you 100% Other sports have a “Mercy Rule” Nothing in this article suggests that they didn’t use substitute bench players in the game. It is also not their fault that the other team couldn’t score points. I don’t feel that an apology was called for.

      1. Matt Hood says:

        This article doesn’t suggest they left anyone on the bench, no. However, this other article – http://www.enterprisenews.com/news/20180301/convincing-win-or-overkill—-east-bridgewater-runs-up-score-93-7 states that they left their starters in until the final buzzer, so it seems they probably did leave players on the bench.

  5. And we wonder why our kids can’t compete when they get in real world situations, we blame the victor for the poor performance of the loosing team. If they can not deal with a loss don’t play. Just sowing up and getting a reward is ridiculous.

  6. Chet Thomas says:

    The coach of the Madison Park team should have forfeited the game. Why should the girls that won the game be criticized for being better, and playing the game.
    What were they supposed to do, just pass the ball around and wait to be fouled?

  7. Looks as the white team strapped it on the blk team & of course they should apologize for that.

    1. WOW!!!!! Are you serious right now?? Another idiot bringing race into it?? E. Bridgewater parents said it themselves that they hardly used their bench players and pressed for most of the game!!!
      Ya that is great coaching there. Great Sportsmanship. I attended a game the other night where another Girls Boston city team(who I will not name), played against a suburban city team. The boston team could have easily scored 100 points, but they held back after a huge lead. they played their entire bench the whole 2nd half, didn’t press, played zone defense AND the coach even told them NO Fast breaks!! Clearly they were the better team. Don’t make it a black vs. white thing or Inner City schools/kids vs. Suburban schools/kids. These athletes dish it out just as well as they take it. There are some teams that are consistently good and some that are historically bad. Just look at the MIAA website at the teams who consistently go to the tournament and win and the ones that consistently don’t The most rewarding thing here is that E. Bridgewater lost in the following round. too bad it wasn’t by a larger margin. But even better, this other Boston city team will be playing in THE GARDEN. Sorry we won’t see you :)

  8. Bill Corbett says:

    So people are mad because the dominant team was white or because everybody didn’t win a trophy?or both?Nothing surprises me in these PC times,get some skin already.

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