DUXBURY (CBS) – Police and firefighters are reminding drivers to avoid flooded roads after people became stuck and needed to be rescued during a Friday nor’easter.

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“Do not try to drive through the water!!,” the Duxbury Fire Department tweeted after the driver of a pickup truck was rescued around 11 a.m.

A pickup truck stranded in Duxbury flood waters. (Image Credit: Duxbury Fire Department)

Duxbury and many other coastal Massachusetts towns are experiencing flooding issues during a nor’easter that has knocked out power to thousands and caused damage throughout the region.

Quincy Police issued a similar warning.

The department shared a video of a car that was stuck, using the hashtag #TurnAroundDontDrown.

“This not only endangers your life, but the lives of first responders,” Quincy Police said.

National Weather Service Boston warned drivers not to underestimate the power of flood waters.

The organization said six inches of fast-moving water can knock out and carry away an adult, 12 inches of fast-moving water can carry away a small car, and 18-24 inches of fast-moving water can carry away most large vehicles.


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