By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It is Oscar time, and while it’s always difficult to predict which movie will win the Academy Award for Best Picture, it’s especially hard when, like me, you hardly ever go to the movies.

But, with apologies to Bill Murray, who pioneered the concept of commenting on movies you haven’t seen when he was on Saturday Night Live, I’ll give it the old college try.

Among the nominees is “The Shape of Water,” a movie about a lonely woman’s romance with a half-man, half-fish creature. My wife saw this one and liked it, although she said it was quite violent. The only time I want to see violence and fish combined is when I dig into a clam roll, so no Oscar for this one.

“Phantom Thread” is said to be actor Daniel Day-Lewis’s last movie, and he’s always worth watching. But British high society and fashion are two of the topics that interest me the least.

Which brings us to my pick for best picture, “Get Out,” a brilliant comedy/horror/mystery hybrid that deals with some very relevant and timely racial issues in a thoughtful way. Definitely the best picture I saw all year.

Is my opinion clouded by the fact that “Get Out” is the *only* one of the nine Best Picture nominees I’ve seen?

Why, no, of course not.

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