NEWBURYPORT (CBS) – Plum Island is now under a voluntary evacuation, the first one since 2015. Friday, a potentially historic Nor’Easter is to bring flooding, power outages, and heavy snowfall.

“This three tide event is going to be very, very significant,” Newburyport Mayor Donna Holaday said.

plum island evacuation Plum Island Under Voluntary Evacuation Ahead Of Noreaster

Some Plum Island residents are voluntarily evacuating. (WBZ-TV)

Cindy Jo Morgan was initially planning on hunkering down in her home.

“Everybody is looking at me like it’s a bad idea so now I’m really reconsidering,” Cindy Jo Morgan, a Plum Island resident, said.

Whatever your choice, the Newbury Police Chief says you should figure it out before high tide at noon Friday.

“If your house is in a vulnerable position, if you’ve experienced flooding before, you will experience flooding during the storm,” said Newbury Police Chief Michael Reilly.

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency director, Kurt Shwartz, said not to take the storm lightly and that homes are expected to be lost.

Emergency responders are getting ready. The State Police and National Guard will be assisting in relief. Some residents placed rocks around their home but Chief Reilly doesn’t recommend it.

“In wave action like this, sandbags just become projectiles, they get launched. These waves will launch a telephone pole. The sandbags aren’t going to do any good,” Chief Reilly said.


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