DUXBURY (CBS) – The neighborhood near Duxbury Beach is sprinkled with beach rocks.

“The water comes over the wall and then it washes down,” said resident Don Porter. “That’s what the stones are.”

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As neighbors prepared for Friday’s storm, some had flashbacks of a similar one that hit a couple months ago. Dan Kennedy’s mother-in-law lost two cars when the ocean spilled into her driveway until it was waist-deep. “This door blew off the house,” he said pointing to a storm door on the ground.

So Thursday, they braced for more.

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“You make sure there’s no strange furniture. There’s nothing loose that might float around,” said one resident, as he cleaned up his yard.

Duxbury Fire Officials have an extra pump ready just for the beachside neighborhood. Also, the town got an ex-military high water vehicle for flood rescues and evacuations. It was free from Fort Drum in New York because it was surplus.

The military truck is used to go through flooded areas to help evacuate stragglers. (WBZ-TV)

“The tires are high, the air intake is high, so it’s able to forge through deeper water,” said Duxbury Fire Captain Rob Reardon.

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He said Plymouth County’s technical rescue team also has a staging area with boats at the ready in Duxbury. They’re keeping a close eye on Friday’s high tides before noon, and just before midnight.

Christina Hager