By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – Dorchester dog owners are heartbroken over the loss of one of their dachshunds and are warning others to be on the lookout.

They say dogs involved in several other attacks went after their pups injuring one and killing the other. They say those dogs and their owner just took off.

The Dorchester woman was out for a walk last week with her and her boyfriend’s two small dogs. She had no idea they’d be in danger and that little Bella wouldn’t come home.

“She’s a mess. She still is,” Losi said. “It’s been a week and she just started going back to school today.”

bella Dorchester Couple Heartbroken After Dogs Were Attacked

Bella was killed by a pit bull in Dorchester (WBZ-TV)

Michael Losi and his girlfriend Nathalia are still processing the trauma. Last week she was out walking their dachshunds, when a pit bull and boxer charged toward them.

“They came out of nowhere. There’s no fence for their house,” Losi said. “She went to take the little guy up and when she did the pit bull bit her.”

Kahuna suffered broken ribs and damage to his lungs. But their dog Bella was killed.

“It’s kind of ironic that the dog that killed Bella was a bully or pit bull because I am a big lover of pit bulls and bullies,” Losi said. “It just goes to show when an owner is a terrible owner, the dog is going to be a terrible dog.”

losi Dorchester Couple Heartbroken After Dogs Were Attacked

Michael Losi (WBZ-TV)

Losi says the owner left before police arrived, and learned his dogs have been in similar incidents in Norwood and Wellesley. As the couple mourns their Bella, they’re also looking out for kids and pets in their neighborhood.

“Bella was my rock when I came back from the Marine Corps,” Losi said. “It was a very big part of my rehabilitation. She was a great dog to me for so many years. I just want to make sure no one else has to lose a companion like that.”

Animal control is handling this case, and seeking information about the owner and dogs. The couple is also speaking with their lawyers about their options moving forward.

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