By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Did you see the footage of the dirt bike invasion of the Southeast Expressway that ended with multiple arrests Saturday?

Imagine yourself or your loved one caught in the middle of this horror show.

bikes2 Keller @ Large: Dirt Bike Flash Mobs Are Hard To Stop

Bikers on Interstate 93 in Dorchester, Saturday, February 24, 2018. (Image Credit: @str8up_frank/Twitter)

It’s a miracle no one was killed, and while State Police say it’s the biggest, worst incident of a so-called flash mob taking over a local public road, it’s hardly the first.

This kind of thing has been happening for years.

Sometimes, it’s just a large group of teenagers on bicycles, taking over streets and causing a ruckus. Annoying, perhaps, but not a major public-safety threat.

boston herald expressway police involved shooting Keller @ Large: Dirt Bike Flash Mobs Are Hard To Stop

Dozens of dirt bikers were stopped by police on the Southeast Expressway, February 24, 2018. (Photo courtesy Boston Herald)

But most of these guys were well into their twenties, recklessly operating motorized vehicles that could cause a lot of damage to people and property.

Their theory seems to be that if there are enough of them, they can overwhelm any public or police resistance, a theory disproved by the cops this weekend that speaks to the criminally-poor judgement of the creeps involved.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says the police need help.

“They’re getting a little bold and they figure they can do this on the highway and that’s a major concern. We try to do the best we can with the community in trying to get these bikes off the streets so if you know where these bikes are located or garaged let us know,” he said.

And then what?

Unless they’re caught breaking a law, it’s legal to own those things.

I don’t have a snappy answer. But I do suspect a fool who would risk your life and his this way likely cannot be reasoned with.

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Comments (2)
  1. Try stop supporting the hacks who appoint hacks to important positions in our schools and in our courts.

    This is nothing more, Jon, than the results of sixty years of “liberal” education and slap-on-the-wrist, plea-bargain justice.

    In your final sentence, Jon, you have the makings of the answer…if you are bold enough to follow the reasoning when it begins to conflict with your liberal ideology.

  2. Dear Jon,

    Pay attention: Most of these bikes are either stolen, unregistered, or uninsured, and that is illegal. Many of the riders don’t have motorcycle endorsements on their driving licenses, if they have one, and its not suspended.

    A real crime was the impotence displayed by Boston police as they terrified residents on the streets all day long, and then not coordinating with state police to catch the criminals who slipped by the corral. BPD should have been down at street level to catch at least the pedestrians who abandoned the stolen or unregistered bikes not traceable to them.

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