CBS Local — A heroic dog in Washington state, who fought off armed burglars to save his 16-year-old owner, finally got to go home after recovering from surgery.

Rex, a 2-year-old German Shepherd, was beaten and shot at least three times while fighting two suspects inside his Des Moines home on Feb. 21.

“I could hear them getting closer and closer through the creak in the floor. Then one of the guys screamed, ‘Get the dog, the dog bit me, the dog bit me!'” Javier Mercado said, via CBS News. “If it wasn’t for him, I don’t feel like I’d be standing here right now.”

After being rushed to a veterinary intensive care unit, Rex’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help them pay for the hero canine’s treatment and surgery. The fundraiser hoped to bring in $10,000 for Rex’s medical bills but has raised over $59,000 since the page was opened on Feb. 22.

Mercado’s family opened up a Facebook page in Rex’s name to update the public on his condition. After undergoing successful surgery on Feb. 23, the wounded hero was released from the hospital two days later. “He’s walking fine. He’s just very excited. He’s trying to lead the pack, trying to get in front of everyone,” Rex’s teen owner said, via KREM.

Local police are still looking for the two burglars who shot Rex. The family’s home was reportedly burglarized again while they were visiting their German Shepherd in the hospital. Javier Mercado’s mother told reporters they plan to take Rex and move to another area.