BOSTON (CBS) – A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School football player who was meeting with Nichols College assistant coaches when gunfire broke out in the Florida school announced his decision to play for the coaches he went through the ordeal with.

Tyler Goodman, the Marjory Stoneman quarterback, was meeting in the football office with Nichols assistant coaches Paul Brower and St. Clair Ryan when the deadly shooting began on February 14.

Goodman, the Nichols assistants, and several other people remained locked in the office until it was safe to emerge.

Just over a week later, Goodman announced that he will be traveling to the Dudley school this fall.

“It’s been a hard week. I’ve lost friends and I’ve lost family,” Goodman wrote. “But losing them gave me the drive to keep fighting because they’ve fought hard enough for me. I want to thank my coaches and my family for sticking by my side through all of the challenges.”

Among those killed in the school shooting was assistant football coach Aaron Feis, who was a security guard at the Florida school. Feis was reportedly killed while attempting to shield students from the shooter.

According to the Sun-Sentinal, Goodman racked up 2,116 yards and 27 touchdowns during his career at Stoneman Douglas.

Goodman dedicated his commitment with Nichols to the 17 people killed in the shooting.

“This one’s for all 17 people I lost from my home. Also, this one’s for my grandfather who I wish was here to see,” he wrote.


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