By Paul Burton

WHITMAN (CBS) – With no time to spare, teachers, administrators and police officers rush to barricade themselves in a classroom as a mock active shooter tries to force himself inside.

It’s all part of the ALICE Training Institute taking place at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School. “ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. It was developed after the Columbine shooting,” instructor Joe Hendry said.

Around 30 adults from different professions took part in the two-day intense active shooter response training course. Superintendent Ruth Gilbert-Whitner got involved after Sandy Hook and says the Parkland, Florida mass school shooting is another reminder of how important these training sessions are for everyone.

“Our principal got on the intercom here at high school after the Parkland shooting and talked to the students about the protocol that are in place,” Gilbert-Whitner said.

School resource Officer Kevin Harrington says the training must be consistent and evolving. “I am hoping it never comes, but we will be prepared if it does come,” Officer Harrington said.

Everyone participating in this ALICE training will take the lessons they learned back to their schools and communities and teach them these life saving techniques. “We are all here for the same thing to keep the kids safe,” Harrington said.


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