BOSTON (CBS) – The WEEI host who was suspended for making controversial comments about Tom Brady’s daughter issued an apology Friday night.

In January, Alex Reimer used inappropriate language to describe the quarterback’s daughter Vivian.

Reimer said the 5-year-old, who appeared briefly in Brady’s online documentary ‘Tom vs. Time’ was being “an annoying little pissant” in the episode.

He was quickly suspended.

In a statement, Reimer said in part: “My remark about Tom Brady’s daughter was ridiculous and reprehensible. I am deserving of all the criticism that has come my way over the last four weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to the Brady family. I am truly sorry.”

Brady threatened to cancel his contract with WEEI over the incident but also stressed he didn’t want Reimer to be fired.

Reimer said he wrote a note to Brady and thanked him for his compassion.


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