BOSTON (CBS) – It could have become just another fish story, but Albert Wu recorded the moment he handed over the rod and reel to his younger brother. You can hear Albert on the video yelling, “Striped bass. Striper.”

“He took one cast out and before we knew it a 25-pound, 40-inch fish just hit the line,” said Albert Wu.

“I didn’t know it was a fish at first. I thought it was a big log that I got snagged on,” said Eric Wu.

Eric Wu holds a 25 pound bass he caught in the Charles River (WBZ-TV)

The two are graduate students at Harvard University. Albert holds the title of angler in the family. So, he encouraged his brother, Eric, to enjoy the warm temps Wednesday and relax along the Charles River.

“I thought a lot of the fish would come out of the depths,” said Albert.

They were under the Harvard Bridge by Storrow Drive.

After ten minutes, Eric hauled the fish to shore. The largest one by far that he or his brother had ever caught. “Closest one maybe a couple pounds. This one was 25 pounds,” said Eric.

Eric Wu caught a 25 pound bass in the Charles River (Image credit Albert Wu)

The unique catch trumped any sibling rivalry.

“I am absolutely surprised because typically striped bass that size will typically be in the ocean, and they will rarely make themselves available in the Charles,” said Albert. “It’s pretty amazing. I can’t think of words to describe it.”

The brothers always catch and release to help maintain fish stocks. They sent the striped bass back into the water. They forever have the story of the catch that was that big.

Comments (7)
  1. Joe Bruno says:

    Awesome catch! This early in the season too! Thanks for putting it back. You guys a class fishermen.

  2. John Domings says:

    It was a good gesture to release the striper but chances are after being handled like that the fish will not survive.

  3. Mike Pereira says:

    John Domings I disagree as I have been tagging fish for many years.This fish seemed to be liped hooked and there not holding it by the gills and if revived right it will live.

  4. Gil Ferri says:

    Really Great Story fantastic catch .

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