By Juli McDonald

MILLBURY (CBS) – A mother getting her child off the bus was nearly hit by a speeding driver in Central Mass. Witnesses believe the person behind the wheel was texting at the time and never saw the stop sign from the school bus.

The bus driver says unfortunately he sees distracted drivers every single day; but this is the worst case he’s ever witnessed.

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“I just looked at Steve and I was just bawling,” Ashley Makridakis said. “I was just holding Lyla and bawling. Thank you for paying attention and warning us.”

A SUV speeds past a mother and daughter crossing a Millbury road in front of a school bus (WBZ-TV)

And any mom would bawl, after a scare like this. The dashcam video shows her daughter getting off the bus Friday. You can hear Steve the bus driver saying “bye.”

Steve slammed his horn, to alert Ashley and Lyla of that SUV that would miss them by just feet. Mom wasn’t the only one who felt like crying.

“Kind of like scared. And like uncomfortable,” seven-year-old Lyla said.

Lyla was nearly hit by a speeding SUV when she got off her school bus (WBZ-TV)

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The bus driver could see a woman on her phone; she never even slowed down.

“I had such an adrenaline surge after I realized a car almost hit us, that I literally contemplated for one second chasing down the car,” Makridakis said.

But there was no catching that speeding vehicle, in fact, police told Ashley it was traveling so quickly, their software can’t decipher the license plate. That leaves Ashley hoping the driver sees this story.

“Your irresponsible reckless actions almost left two boys orphaned and my husband without a wife or daughter,” Makridakis said.

And little Lyla has a message too.

“Don’t text and drive,” she says.

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The bus driver also said they’ve been advised to stop filling out stop sign violation reports because there are simply too many incidents to investigate.

Juli McDonald