By Juli McDonald

NASHUA, NH (CBS) – A woman was pushed into the snow in an apparent case of road rage.

“People are insane nowadays,” said Jennifer Needham, who still can’t believe what she witnessed.

“You see her get out of her car. Storm up to his car,” Needham said. “That’s when he got out and shoved her to the ground.”

Needham started recording when she heard beeping and yelling at an Amherst Street intersection in Nashua.

roadrage Woman Pushed Into Snow In NH Road Rage Incident

Video appears to show drivers arguing in road rage incident (Image from Jennifer Needham)

“You just don’t see that every day,” Needham said. “You just kind of pause and later on wish you had done something differently.”

Jennifer’s boyfriend kept driving, trying to shield her young kids from what just happened.

“It would be pretty hard to explain to my almost six-year-old ‘yeah you know, a man shoved a woman because he was angry,’” Needham said. “If he’s willing to do that in front of that many people, I’m not one to speak for people, but I can only imagine what he’d do in another situation.”

Nashua Police have identified both drivers and are interviewing witnesses, but no charges have been filed.

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