BOSTON (CBS) – He became famous, a determined turkey that snarled traffic at an extremely busy intersection in a Boston neighborhood.

Some people even gave the wild turkey a nickname, Larry.

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And Larry has been hanging around for nearly 2 months, risking his own neck and causing drivers major headaches.

But on Friday night, in a tragic turn, reports surfaced on social media that Larry was struck and killed by a car. Authorities could not confirm the reports and whether the turkey victim was Larry.

Larry the turkey walks into traffic in West Roxbury. (WBZ-TV)

Yet, Larry has been well-known for wading into traffic at the intersection of the VFW Parkway and Baker Street in West Roxbury.

It’s a busy and congested area and the turkey literally stopped traffic, causing drivers to get out of their cars and shoo him out of the way, but then going right back into the street to start the delicate avoidance dance once more.

“This turkey creates a huge traffic jam. He’s all over the place,” one driver said earlier Friday.

What’s behind the turkey’s behavior?

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A wildlife expert theorized that since it’s what they call “courting time” for turkeys, Larry might have been staking out his territory.

Larry the turkey. (WBZ-TV)

The turkey was seen pecking at cars.  That might be territorial as well.

And, turkeys also may see their reflection and thinks it’s a rival.

And as cars often stopped for the creature, and swerved around him, some drivers were more amused than angry.

“I don’t see no problem with it,” one driver said.

Boston Animal Control told WBZ-TV it has notified the Environmental Police and Mass Wildlife about the problem and is waiting to hear back.

We reached out to both those state agencies and were told they are monitoring the situation and will help the city figure out what to do about turkeys and traffic.

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The state has more information about preventing conflict with turkeys on its website.