By Louisa Moller

NEWTON (CBS) — High school students from Newton said they have become numb to the tragic images associated with school shootings.

“There’s a factor of it that, you get desensitized to it. But like, there’s also a sense of inevitability to it, I think,” said Newton high school senior Will Marsh.

On Wednesday, police say a former student walked into a Florida high school and opened fire, killing 17 people.

Three Newton high school students said they discussed the startling frequency of school shootings amongst their friends the next day and came to the conclusion that something needs to change.

“It is really scary because it can happen anywhere,” said Senior Lydia Proskauer, “I’m just really frustrated about it because we’ve had like 18 of these in the last two months and the government has really done anything about it, there aren’t any new gun regulations and it just feels like they don’t really care.”

Junior Andrew Ruttenberg said, “Let’s actually step up and take responsibility and actually say, like, this is what we are going to do in order to improve this.”

“There is so many, it is almost like numbing in some regard.”


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