BRAINTREE (CBS) – A Lynn man now charged with drunk driving is accused of striking and dragging a state trooper after he refused orders to move his car while blocking traffic at a crash scene.

Jose Molina, 30, of Lynn, faced 11 charges after the incident at about 11 p.m. Wednesday in the northbound lane of Interstate 93.

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The unidentified trooper suffered minor injuries and was treated at South Shore Hospital and released.

Molina was charged with driving under the influence of liquor, possessing an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, improper use of a mobile phone while driving, driving negligently, resisting arrest, failure to stop for police, speeding, passing violation and seatbelt violation.

A judge at Molina’s arraignment ordered that he be held on $2,000 bail and that he does not drive without a license. A pre-trial conference will be held on March 7.

Crews were responding to this crash scene when a state trooper was struck and dragged by another car. (Braintree Fire Department)

Emergency personnel and troopers were responding to a multi-vehicle crash on I-93 north when state police said Molina, driving a silver 2005 Honda Accord, stopped his car next to the crash scene, blocking the only lane open at the time, to take photos or video of the crash scene.

Crews saw Molina put his left arm out his window with a cell phone in his hand.

A uniformed trooper twice told Molina to put his phone down and keep driving. After the second request, Molina swore at the trooper and began to slowly roll his Accord forward.

The trooper then asked Molina several times to stop his car but he continued to drive slowly, state police said.

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A second trooper came over to the car to assist. The second trooper also ordered Molina to stop, but Molina “then drove faster” and his side view mirror struck the second trooper, who was on foot.

When the Accord again began to slow, the trooper reached into the car and attempted to shut the ignition. Molina grabbed the trooper’s arm and accelerated, dragging the trooper along outside the car for about 15 yards, state police said.

The trooper was able to break free from Molina’s grip and fell to the ground.

Molina sped off on I-93 northbound. The trooper radioed a description of Molina’s car and got into his police cruiser to pursue Molina, state police said.

A brief pursuit began, and two other troopers who were working a nearby road detail responded to the path of Molina’s car and, along with the trooper who had been dragged, boxed in the Accord north of the Braintree split.

State police apprehended Molina, who was uncooperative and appeared intoxicated.

Troopers found a Corona beer and a Dunkin Donuts cup containing what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage in the center console cupholders, state police said.

Molina, who complained of a minor abrasion on his head, was sent to South Shore Hospital, where he was treated and released to the state police barracks in Milton barracks, where he was booked.

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His attorney argued that Molina’s bail be lowered so that he can go back to work as an Uber driver to support his familiy.