BOSTON (CBS) – Top state officials are calling on the Massachusetts Cannabis Commission to scale back their proposals of where you will be able buy the drug when sales for recreational use begin this summer.

“It’s a tough decision that we’re trying to make and we’re trying to make the right decision,” says commission chairman Steven Hoffman.

But Hoffman is learning that the decision-making process on legal recreational pot sales gets tougher as its deadlines get closer.

In a just-released letter, the state’s public safety secretary warns of potential problems, including the variety of places the commission is considering allowing pot sales to take place, such as cafes, movie theaters, and yoga studios.

kellerguest Top Lawmakers Say Cannabis Commission Is Moving Too Fast

Steven Hoffman,  Chairman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (WBZ-TV)

In a recent WBZ-TV interview, Hoffman explained the principle behind those proposal.

“Alcohol is a relatively good metaphor in that its legal, it can be used safely by adults, but if its overused it’s a problem. You’ve got to keep it out of the hands of underage people. But there’s a metaphor here and safe social consumption is allowed in alcohol.”

But Gov. Charlie Baker baker says not so fast, expressing “concerns about going beyond what most of us would describe as the first step of this, which is legal, recreational dispensaries.”

Massachusetts and other legal pot states don’t allow it to be smoked outside of a private home.

Even in Colorado, where recreational use has been legal since 2014, the first smoking clubs are just now opening over community objections.

“I wouldn’t describe it as pressure. We’re getting input, it’s well thought-out,” Hoffman said of the pushback.


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