DOVER (CBS) – Police believe a “peeping tom” who has been spotted in Needham has also made his way into nearby Dover.

In January, Needham Police shared a photo of the suspect who had been approaching houses through back yards. When the suspect has been seen, he flees immediately.

Needham Police released this photo of the man they’re looking for. (Image credit: Needham Police-Facebook)

On Thursday, Dover Police said similar incidents have been reported in their town. Dover and Needham Police are combining resources to search for the peeping tom.

All the incidents occurred in scenic neighborhoods within a mile of the Charles River. On Dedham Street in Dover on Monday, there was a shadow spotted through the window, and a man seen running away. Four days earlier on nearby Centre Street, strange footprints were found behind a house.

Both homes are near the Needham line where police have had at least four similar cases.

“We’re concerned because we’re not sure what the motivation is for this individual but considering the time of night, peering in the windows of people’s houses in the back yard raises concern,” said Needham Police Chief John Schlitter.

Police are telling residents if they spot this man, call quickly while he’s still around. The chief is convinced it will be a tip from a resident that will solve this case.

Residents are also asked to keep shades drawn at night and leave external lights on.


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