WORCESTER (CBS) — Some students had the day off, and others got out early, as Metrowest cities and towns dealt with a storm that hit in the middle of the day and the middle of the week.

Hopkinton’s Department of Public Works got a fresh shipment of magnesium chloride salt to pretreat roads before schools let students go home early.

It was their milestone 100th day of the school year, and they got it in. “It does help us,” said DPW Director John Westerling. “We don’t have to worry about the school buses being on the roads, we don’t have to worry about students walking on the roads, so it’s safer for students, it’s safer for us, the bus companies, and everyone involved.”

In Worcester, school was canceled.

Kids played football in the snow as cars crawled up one of the city’s notorious hills on Dorchester Street, spinning and sliding.

“It’s slippery out here,” said plow driver Johnny Boots. “They’re putting their cars in the street. One guy just pulled out in front of the truck I said uh-oh!”

Worcester has had several storms this winter that included freezing rain following the snow.

“That’s the hard part, trying to keep the walks clear so the kids can get to school,” said Tony Carpino, who was working for the city snow-blowing sidewalks.

“There hasn’t been a lot of snow, but it’s still a tough winter with the cold and the ice.”

Christina Hager