By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

MINNEAPOLIS (CBS) — Losing a Super Bowl can be tough, especially when you’re a quarterback and the spotlight is shining brightest on you. Everyone responds differently.

On Sunday night at U.S. Bank Stadium, Brady responded the way an 18-year NFL veteran should.

In the tunnel after the loss, Brady was seen shaking hands with Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett. He was the player who recovered Brady’s fumble in the fourth quarter, which came on a strip sack by Brandon Graham. It stood as the single biggest play of the game, and the lone drive where Brady’s offense failed.

Jim Wyatt of Titans Online captured a photograph of the moment:

It was a sign of respect, obviously, but also a sign of maturity. Brady’s as fiery as it gets on the field, but prides himself on his composure off the field. He said in his MVP acceptance speech on Saturday night that even though he’s an older guy in the NFL, he looks up to many of the younger players in the league who make it great.

This brief but simple moment shows that at least in this instance, it’s more than just words coming from Brady.

Comments (11)
  1. A good sport he is not. A good sport would have shaken hands on the field with the winning quarterback and coach. He is a sore loser.

  2. Billy Corners says:

    “On Sunday night at U.S. Bank Stadium, Brady responded the way an 18-year NFL veteran should.”

    By walking into the locker room after a loss? Loo. Look at the picture. Bradys dressed, ready to go. He probably accidently bumped into barnett.

    Why did he not shake foles hand?

    1. Billy Corners says:

      Its a joke you are trying to call brady a good sport after this loss.

  3. Brady is a baby who left the field without congratulating the SUPER BOWL MVP NICK FOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brady mature? I think not! I don’t ever remember a losing QB ever walking off the field without congratulating the winning QB. He acted like a spoiled child and was only thinking of his own inflated ego!

  5. Give me a break. Brady is in his street clothes on his way to the bus. A stand-up guy does it on the field and congratulates his peer (Foles). Hurley you should be ashamed of yourself for spinning this to make Brady look gentlemanly.

  6. I agree; Tom should have congratulated the Eagles and especially Nick Foles for their win. That was a display of poor sportsmanship.

  7. Seriously stop. What was Brady supposed to do, ignore Barnett and walk past? At least Belichick went out and talked to Petersen and gave him congrats. Brady stormed off the field like he had seen over inflated footballs

  8. This article does NOTHING but make CBS boston as pathetic a looser as brady is. He ran away like the sore looser that he is and tried to sneak out but happened to bump into one of the Eagles. Take your (under inflated) ball and run home crybaby.

  9. This is a horribly biased homer fluff piece. Tom Brady, walked off the field and didn’t shake Nick Foles’ hand, as is the tradition. Tom Brady didn’t lose his first, or only Super Bowl. He lost his 3rd in 8 appearances. So THIS one hurts so bad he can’t shake the hand of the opposing QB? Please. Baby. Bay. Be.

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