By Kate Merrill

MINNEAPOLIS (CBS) – Security is a big part of the Super Bowl and people come from all over to help, including a team from Boston that’s in Minnesota to help the “other guys.”

In the middle of all the Super Bowl fun you’ll find some people, and animals, who are just focused on their job.

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ATF agent Eric Kocchian and his K-9 Claude have a very important task.

“Our assignment right now is at Philadelphia Eagles hotel,” Kocchian said.

ATF agent Eric Kocchian and his dog at Super Bowl LII. (WBZ-TV)

They are helping to secure the Philadelphia players, coaches, and owner.

Hopefully the players don’t look too close at Claude though.

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“We have a special patch for him with a Pats logo on it,” said Kocchian.

A Boston ATF dog at the Super Bowl is sporting a Patriots Patch and collar. (WBZ-TV)

A Patriots patch, one with “Boston 617” and even a “flying Elvis” team logo. Claude’s Patriots pride is on full display, complete with a Patriots collar.

The Boston-based team knew working the Super Bowl was a job they wanted.

“When I got the call I knew who was calling me, and I just said ‘Yes,’” Kocchian recalled.

It’s a dream assignment for Kocchian and Claude, even if they are working in enemy territory.

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“I’m just doing my job. No biases. I want to make sure the Philadelphia Eagles are safe,” he said.

Kate Merrill