EASTON (CBS) – No days off, Patriots fans. But one Massachusetts school is starting a little late the day after Super Bowl LII.

Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School officials announced there will be a 3-hour delay, allowing students to be fresh in the classroom Monday as they hopefully bask in another championship win.

The school made the announcement in a video posted to YouTube showing students – and teachers – trying to twist the arm of Superintendent Luis Lopes.

“We do it to be a little lighthearted, have some fun I mean obviously education is serious business, but you have to have some fun every once in a while,” said Lopes.

Lopes gave the students a 2-hour delay last year after the Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

“It was awesome what they did with it and I think it’s really cool our school supports the Patriots so much,” said junior Shae Heggs-Szabo.

The announcement also came with an official school prediction for the big game – that the Patriots will beat the Philadelphia Eagles by three points in Super Bowl LII.

Senior Phillip LaFond said, “I get to wake up happy to go to school after that win on Sunday.”

Comments (2)
  1. My school’s so dumb. We didn’t get an hour delay when it was snowing and the majority of schools around us did. Everyone was late to school and students who drove in risked getting in accidents, but when there’s a football game it’s appropriate to come in late?? The delay isn’t even special we had a half day scheduled for Monday in the first place they just flipped to us coming in for the last half of the day instead of the first half so stop giving us that promo.

  2. Joe Ferguson says:

    How pathetic – delayed school because of a football game – how about focusing on what is imporant – getting an education not sleeping in late because of the Super Bowl

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