BOSTON (CBS) – “New England vs. Everybody” is more than just a shirt – it’s reality, according to a new poll.

A survey from Monmouth University finds that 37 percent of Americans are rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl LII, compared to just 16 percent who want another Patriots championship.

Furthermore, 39 percent said they are actively cheering for the Patriots to lose, while only 12 percent are explicitly against the Eagles.

When sampling just the northeast, the Eagles are still favored over the Patriots by 45 percent to 28 percent.

Overall, 39 percent of Americans say they will be watching on Sunday. But many don’t even care who lifts the trophy, as 49 percent say the commercials will be the most interest part.

The poll also revealed something about the reputation of both fan bases. Twenty-six percent said they’d be worried about running into Eagles fans in a dark alley, compared to 14 percent who would be nervous about the same encounter with Patriots fans.

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  1. Joe Boltonn says:

    I am embarrassed when people say they’re going to watch the Super Bowl “for the commercials.” This follows the idiotic brainwashing that the Wonder Woman movie was empowering women and that the upcoming Black Panther movie is a turning point in Afro American history.

    1. John Oakman says:

      Leftists can’t stand a winner–Go Pats.

      1. Boycott NFL and all sponsors until traitors are replaced with patriots. Watching is unAmerican…to spit in the face of all those who died for your freedoms.

      2. I’m with you and I love to n Packet Land, but I won’t watch Super Bowl!

      3. The Putriots are my very least team from any sport. Why you ask?
        I watched as the players ran around San Diego Stadium after they had CHEATED to Win the 2006 game against the Chargers while FLIPPING OFF the Fans after A WIN. Why did they win? They broke the rules and photographed the defensive line and radioed in the play to their Offensive Captain who called the play so the Putriots knew what the Chargers would do. Later the Chicago Bears FORCED the crooked NFL to expose the Putriots which fined the New Jingland team and you know the rest.You know who I’ll be rooting for IF I WATCH which is doubtful.

      4. Gail Jackson says:

        You’re right John. The left HATE this Country and they have infiltrated our schools and institutions and taught this younger generation to hate America. I’m an AA female who love God and our Country and I’m praying the Patriots win. President Trump has been trying to turn America back to our love of God and Country and to become the Patriots we once were cause we are in the best country in the world.

      5. Bingo. Exactly my first thought.

  2. malewurmhole says:

    Your team is probably never going to be the greatest in history already, mine either. Patriots win this they pretty much lock it up. I am surprised it is 16%.

    1. malewurmhole says:

      Minor correction but still, I am surprised it’s not below 10% that want them to win. That would account for 1/32 and all the bandwagon jumpers. (This comment section should be improved.)

  3. Dan Shoop says:

    I’m surprised that 16% of Americans are still interested in pro-football.

  4. F the kneelers, any fans they have left are the moron/criminal class and you should be worried about running into them.

  5. I don’t like the Pats, but last yr I rooted for them because I wanted them to stick it in the NFL’s face. also, because my team is a fellow NFC South team and I didn’t want an NFCS to make it.

    This yr I’ll root for the Pats again to stick it to everyone again, and to end the dynasty once and for all. Plus I really despise the Eagles.

  6. Negro Felons League or The Puppy Bowl?
    I’m going with The Puppy Bowl.

  7. People are jealous that New England has the best Organization, Coach and Quarterback in the NFL. This is from a loyal Carolina Panther fan.

    1. Flashing a picture of a glowering Belichick, Cartman tells his pupils: ‘He’s won three Super Bowls. How? He cheated. He even got caught cheating and nobody cared. Bill Belichick proved in America, it’s OK to cheat as long as you cheat your way to the top. ‘If you cheat and fail, you’re a cheater.’

  8. Mike Arvand says:

    just jealous of brady. But it’s really sad that they’d support the racist thug fans of the eagles.

  9. In years past I wasn’t exactly ‘pro’ Pats — but in the end glad they won the close ones.
    But this year I’m ALL IN for the Pats. Mainly due to the grief Tom Brady’s been getting, and in full disclosure — I’m a Chicago Bears fan and detest the Eagles. Go Pats! Go Brady!

  10. BA DeMonte says:

    Really sad that when you’re successful in this country anymore all the media and haters do is work toward destroying that success instead of immolating them. Hope the Pats win.

  11. Samuel Green says:

    I grew up in Beantown and growing up, we’d celebrate if the Patriots won a single game. But sadly, my home is boycotting the NFL this season.

    I have banned the NFL from my home for as long as a single player takes a knee from any team, and I also will not support any corporation that advertises during NFL games.

    During the national anthem, it’s neither the time nor the place for a highly paid professional athlete to be disrespectful to their home country. After the anthem, they can protest whatever, and wherever they want to their heart’s content..

    I served my country, bled for my country and this has got to stop. NFL current rules are very specific, and the officials at the NFL need to enforce their rules. The rules are found on pages A62-63 of the league’s game operations manual: “The NFL rule book specifically requires both teams appear on the field for the playing of the anthem, standing, remaining quiet, and holding their helmets in their left hands. Failure to do so can result in fines, suspensions, and the loss of draft picks.”

    Until EVERY SINGLE NFL player follows the rules, I’ll be substituting the NFL for my dog. My dog can fetch a ball, just like NFL players, My dog is fiercely loyal, my dog is patriotic and my dog doesn’t require a multi million dollar contract to do any of those things.

    The NFL needs the fans more than the fans need the NFL. They best figure that out

    PS< I hope the Pats win and I hope even more that NFL players condone fellow teammates from taking a knee going forward.

    1. I agree with Mr Green. After 24 years as a season ticket holder in three cities, I’m done with the NFL!

  12. Karl Spencer says:

    Not surprised. Progressives have spent over 100 years teaching Americans that success is bad..

  13. Zardoz Wiz says:

    pats or eagles? fans have already lost

  14. Jim Spicer says:

    Oh im just rooting for the patriots because the eagles are a bunch of anti American jerks.

  15. Kirk Healy says:


  16. Doug Day says:

    Pats 27, Flu-Bug Phillies 20

  17. Greg Coe says:

    Son: Daddy, what is a Lombardi Trophy?
    Dad: I don’t know Son, we are Eagles fans.

    1. David Moore says:

      Son: Daddy… what is an Eagles fan?
      Dad: An assault & battery felon…

  18. Even if I weren’t from New England, I would toot for the Patriots because Eagles fans have shown themselves to be no class, thuggish sub humans.

    1. eshults5 says:

      Oh why because they threw snowballs at santa?

      This year I saw people get their asses whooped in a Carolina game and at a Broncos game. I also saw a video of a 13 year old female saints fan getting decked by a vikings fan after the game.

      Oh but let’s put a microscope on Philadelphia for doing things every fanbase in the country does. Ya…

  19. There is no way that the Egales will win. Money talks and BS walks, the bets will end up paying the people who know billions and the wiunner will not be the Eagles.

    1. eshults5 says:

      Lol with that Pats 15th ranked defense?

      Jay Ajayi gets 200 yards, Eagles win by 20+. It won’t even be close.

      And money does talk, that’s why biggest bet ever was put on the Eagles a week ago.

  20. Tom Kraft says:

    It appears that more people(47 percent)just don’t care who wins…

  21. BS Fake news story. Eagles are more disliked than Patriots. They must have polled a bunch of leftists.

    1. eshults5 says:

      You clearly know nothing about the Northeast. NE is far more liberal than Philly.

      1. I’m sure there are. I was just referring to leftists hating anything to do with the word or name Patriot. Hence the poll results.

  22. Bill Jones says:

    Fans and wishful thinking don’t win games (or elections). We’ll just have to wait and see which team has scouted the best, prepared the best and which team “gets the breaks”.

  23. again total BS, where they this number a poll we where not polled Pats 38 Philly 21
    Trump 2020

  24. CBS Boston are yu kidding. CBS Liberals are poisoned people like the rest of em. Boston is a sewer and would dissolve w/o Sports. Their Sports Reporters suck!

  25. Bill Smith says:

    I hope Tom gets a 6th ring on Sunday. I would love to see him put it on his middle finger and smile and pose for pictures to all the Patriot haters ,media included !


  27. Bob Suyak says:

    If Brady was black the polls it would be different, If the polls were not done by lying liberals the polls would be honest.

  28. bvikay says:

    Since I will not be watching, who cares?

  29. If not for Kraft and him playing us in Hartford for suckers I might lean for the Patriots. That being said I cannot root for the Eagles as I despise them as much as I do the Bruins. I can take great solace in that Mr. Brady and Mr. Kraft cannot beat the New York Football Giants, the team that my family has had season tickets for since the 1950’s. Go Bud Light! Go Justin Timberlake.

  30. Fake poll. Every Single Cowboys fan on the planet is rooting against the Eagles.

  31. Carl Mertz says:

    Were the men to busy having there nails done to reply. Those men in liberal land are suck mightily sportsmen.

  32. Wally Lind says:

    Go Pats!
    Wally Lind
    Lakeville, MN

  33. Jimmie Meeks says:

    They hate seeing a strong straight white male winning. Go Pats.

  34. Laughing! As only 16 fans across the nation to be watching this game!
    There are other things to do on a warm sunny winters day here in Southern California and the NFL Super Bowl Game is not one of them.

    The players and Rodger Goodell have all lost that lovin’ feeling.

  35. Bill Francis says:

    Why should I vote for cheaters?

  36. Least watched Super Bowl of all time.

  37. Mick Fischer says:

    Reluctantly I am for the Patriots, it seems I am among the few who still
    support a winner. However, it would also make my favorite team the KC
    Chief’s appear better, as they soundly defeated the Patriot’s in the first
    game of the Season.

  38. The Name Patriots sticks in the craw of self serving politicals

  39. I won’t know who to root for until I know each team’s count of depraved racial bigots who teach our children to hate white cops for enforcing laws that run counter to their sick and pathetic ghetto culture.

    I will read about Bigot Ball on Monday.

  40. “New England vs Everybody”
    I’m just one of thousands of loyal Patriots Fans. The more the rest of country hates us…..the more we embrace it. Go for it…all you Patriots haters……get your green-eyed monster hammer on and watch the Patriots “do it again”

  41. Americans have been brainwashed to be hostile to excellence from an early age by the education system, the Bolshevik media, Bolshevik Hollywood all controlled and run by the “you-know-whos” by decades. In addition New England has “too many” White players that excel and the Kosher media recoils and squirms over that.

    New England will win it this time by their largest SB margin. 13-15 points. Eagles are no match for the Patriots.

  42. Bob Suyak says:

    Seems like most Americans do not like or appreciate: intelligence and hard work anymore. Thanks liberal educators(indoctrination).

  43. Haters gonna’ hate ‘cuz cheatas gonna’ cheat.

    1. I hear Eagles players are coming down with the Flu? What do you want to bet that the Patriots cooked up a nefarious plot to inflict the Flu on the Eagles team….while Team Belichick remains immune to the same “bug?”

  44. Most of the haters are just jealous/mad that their team didn’t make it to the bowl… Brady will hold these records long after his demise…. one has to give credit where credit is due.. Period!

  45. Anyone interested in the phenomenon of human high performance should be following the Patriots closely, and maybe even rooting for them, too.

  46. Larz Larzen says:

    What. People believe polls now? Polls are there to manipulate your thinking. We found that out for sure over the past year. They only take polls of those whom they know think like they do.

  47. I am so sick of the Patriots winning but in this case nothing is worse than the despicable under belly of the NFL which is an Eagles fan. Go Pats.

  48. The Belichick/Brady era Patriots are hated because they’ve historically had games given to them on a silver platter…. (From the Tuck Rule to the Jesse James catch reversal. Not to mention some of the shady tactics by the team.) This season may be the most egregious example. It has sapped my interest in even watching the Super Bowl.

    1. Jim Jaremka says:

      +1 I know of a bar full of people who will probably be watching golf on Sunday. The joke is that Belichick is the “league official” who “reviews” calls on the field.

  49. Mike Keys says:

    I hope Brady and the Pats murder the Eagles!

  50. Dave Fay says:

    What kind of idiot would watch the super bowl for the commercials? It’s not like the only time they will ever be on and at any rate that why I love having a DVR, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to avoid watching as many commercial as possible. Besides, F the NFL, the NFL has been dead to me since 2016 anyhow.

  51. Eric Anthony says:

    Trump and the Patriots, both hated, both get the job done.