BOSTON (CBS) – Zoots customers have been informed via email they will be charged when they pick up items which were cleaned on Friday.

Zoots locations in Massachusetts will re-open for one day on Friday, Feb. 2, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., to allow customers to retrieve their locked up clothes.

zoots lawyers meet 5p pkg Bankrupt Zoots Says Customers Will Be Charged For Cleaned Items

Bankrupt Zoots will re-open for one day on Friday for customers to retrieve their clothes. (WBZ-TV)

Frustration has been mounting since the dry-cleaning chain abruptly closed its 17 stores on Jan. 19.

Customers haven’t been able to get their clothes and workers say their checks are bouncing.

The Attorney General’s office is reviewing several labor complaints and referring employees to the Department of Unemployment Assistance to claim wages.

In a statement Thursday, the company said clothes that are not picked up on Friday will be stored and “made available at a later date.”

“Despite certain media reports to the contrary, you will be charged for your garments if they have been cleaned,” the statement said. “In the event that you do not pick up your garments on Friday, they will be transported to a central storage location, and made available at a later date.”


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