WASHINGTON (AP) — No, that wasn’t drool on the lips of Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III.

He says it was ChapStick.

Twitter lit up with jibes about the 37-year-old Democrat’s response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union.

In his televised speech Tuesday, Kennedy’s lips appeared wet and glistening, leading to tweets about Kennedy’s “drool.”

Rep. Joe Kennedy says that was ChapStick on his lips, not drool, during his State of the Union response. (WBZ-TV)

Kennedy joked on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday that he “decided to go a little bit light on the ChapStick this morning … which is probably a wise choice.”

He told CNN that Tuesday’s ChapStick was “a little too much, apparently.”

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Other State of the Union responders have attracted similar unwanted attention.

In 2013, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio’s response to President Barack Obama’s speech was mocked for Rubio’s awkward off-screen reach for water.

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Comments (81)
  1. Mike Delaney says:

    Sorry I never drooled using chapstick.

    1. Alan Dryer says:

      Actually, I don’t think that was drool or chapstick. Did he visit the mens’ room just before taking the stage, by chance?

      1. harris9513 says:

        You know – let the liberals do the vulgarity and knock it off. This kind of perverted stuff shouldn’t be allowed on here.

  2. That… doesn’t make it any better. It looks like a 5 year old put it on for him then. Does he have any control over his motor skills?

  3. Todd Nelson says:

    Is he so uncoordinated that he ran Chapstick down both sides of his mouth by an inch? But what he looked like (a clown) was nothing compared to his accidently telling the truth that democrats want open borders with is comment about tearing down the wall. That was astonishing, not that he believes it, but that the democrats would be SO brazen as to proudly proclaim it on national TV. Kennedy may have said it, but the democrat leadership had to have approved the speech before he made it.

    1. Greg Coe says:

      You win the internet today!

    1. Mark Deckard says:

      Exactly. It was a Kennedy who was the original abuser of women. Somewhere Mary Jo is hashtagging #metoo. Perhaps it was for Little Joes great Uncles dead girlfriends memory all the congressional stepford wives were wearing black.

  4. Leo Rodolfo says:

    Drool would be the best thing to come out of a Kennedy’s mouth since about 1963.

  5. So he can’t even put Chapstick on properly and he wants to one day run for president? He’s a shoe-in for the Dem nomination since he’s incompetent at life!

  6. Steve Keller says:

    Disgusting. What’s Mr. Kennedy’s excuse for a snotty nose?

  7. Ben Jones says:

    A drooling gimpzoid from the Democratic Party. Like father, like son. He should try and get a real job instead of hanging onto the Kennedy name. Worthless POS as far as many are concerned.

  8. Yes, who doesn’t put chapstick all over their face…

  9. Alan Coler says:

    Good, nobody used this yet , “Republicans rule Democrats drool”

  10. That was not ChapShtick running down Kennedy’s face, it was the BS that didn’t get airborne!

  11. Steve Wilson says:

    Didn’t Teddy date Suzy Chapstick back in the 80’s?

    1. Fred Stevens says:

      Yes, but unfortunately he drowned her.

  12. If that’s chapstick then he applies chapstick like Courtney Love applies lipstick.

  13. Let’s call it Chappiquidstick.Keep’em on the defensive!!

  14. “We are all worthy of protection” In some generic sense of the word, of course. But some are worthy of deportation, while some others are worthy of incarceration. We start off with the same opportunity, then we make choices.

    Rep. Kennedy’s simplistic talk is not a good substitute for ideals.

  15. Last night, I asked if it was from fried chicken or some sort of “lip ice.” Now we learn it was Chap-Stick. So, this tiny red-headed Kennedy dork spawn is ALSO one of those clods who OPENS WIDE and SPREADS IT ALL OVER THE RIM OF HIS ENORMOUS YAW! Then, the waxy substance runs down the sides as it melts. But, he doesn’t care, cause HIS problem was solved! WOW, what a future we have with this self-unaware little dip!

  16. Chappaquidstick will prevent this Kennedy from ever being POTUS.

    …well, that and a terrible rebuttal by a white privileged man giving a speech in a town that is 87% white.

  17. Samuel Green says:

    According to the CDC, excessive drooling due is often a sign of RABIES.

    Pretty sure Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters also could benefit from a brain study, as there’s another condition called SOS they surely both suffer from , this SOS syndrome has no cure at the moment, but people with SOS often show signs of confusion and other psychosis symptoms.

    Someday Stuck on Stupid Syndrome will be treatable.

  18. The Drooler is the poster boy for “white privilege”. His his uncles Jack & Ted turned sexual assault into a national pastime while drunken Ted actually killed a woman. Yet THIS is the best the Dems could come up with?

    Hello 2020! :D

  19. Larry Pike says:

    There are several drugs that cause drooling. Could be a junkie?

  20. Reminded me of the punchline to that old joke – “Hey, Charlie! The dead one’s full again.”

  21. Daniel Bell says:

    What’s with the Kennedys and Chappaquickstick? Isn’t it his uncle that always looks like he’s huffing paint?

  22. How long, and how far, did the ‘Rats have to go to find a drooling Kennedy who isn’t drunk, wasn’t dead and probably hasn’t killed any girls yet?

    MAGA, baby.

  23. akramden1 says:

    So what part of drooling white privilege DOESN’T this guy represent? Come on Mass…You can do better than this…

  24. Don McCoy says:

    Someone should tell young Joe III that Chapstick goes on your LIPS…not all over your chin.

    1. akramden1 says:

      Memo to Joe Kennedy – Drop some of the big bucks of your miserable family and get a make-up artist from the Fox News Channel – and hurry up about it. Thank you very little.

  25. Tracy Swan says:

    Why didn’t someone tell him to wipe it?

  26. So he used some chaps stick. Now i get it.

  27. Perry Dice says:

    i’ve long had enough of those irish drunks.. you call it chapstick… i call it semen.

  28. I’m thinking about heading to Starbuck’s and ask for a cappuccino with white Kennedy drool foam topping.

  29. It’s lithium…Nancy Pelosi looks like she’s on it too. Her Tardive Dyskinesia is certainly worse. But, it’s an indication that Joey II is on heavy anti-psychotic meds, like most liberals.

  30. Did you mean Chapstick or Chappaquiddic?

  31. chrismireya says:

    “Chapstick?” Okay. So, how do you explain how bitterly anti-American nearly all of the Democratic Party seemed to be? I’d dismiss them as the “globalists,” but they were venting over the invitation of the North Korean defector (and survivor of torture) who lost his legs and traveled around Asia on his crutches too.

    So, the Democrats came across as both anti-American and anti-international liberty in less than 90 minutes. They also seem to be at odds with the notion that Americans can be “dreamers” too.

  32. If it was chap stick he must have applied it with a tube in each hand,the dimmy’s are going to have to come to the realization that the Kennedy charm has long since run out of steam and its way past time to move on,the kid was an embarrassment and his speech was just a rehash of what Trump had already said earlier. I actually felt shame for this poor kid,he was way in over his head.

  33. Claudia King says:

    Chapstick, drool whatever…Poor prep and bad, bad speaker…Reminds me of a member of the Adams clan…

  34. Rick Myers says:

    Chapstick ? I thought he had just left his boyfriend.

  35. Jim Williams says:

    Miss Manners states that it is a social MUST to daintily wipe after oral sex.

    1. harris9513 says:

      If you people making these “oral sex” references on here are Trump supporters – you can get off the Trump train or you should be pushed off. Your mother’s never taught you how to be decent individuals or express yourselves without being vulgar? You think oral sex is funny? ha ha ha. So funny there’s a BUNCH of you slithering idiots on here making the same stupid comments. Get out of my country.

  36. Probably went down on one of trannie supporters.

  37. potvin99 says:

    President Trump rules while Democrats drool!!!

  38. harris9513 says:

    Chapstick is waxy, I’ve used it longer than he’s been alive. It has never, ever, ever looked like that after you put it on. There are some other greasy lip balms – the kind you learn not to use when you’re young, but that was SALIVA – and it would have been visible to others around him and he should have felt it on his face. Don’t tell me the stupid NON story about Marco Rubio getting a drink of water. It in no way equates and I’m tired of IDIOTIC comparisons and excuses!

  39. illinoisatlarge says:

    It looked like that white substance often in the corners of mouths on alcoholics. And what’s with that car behind him? Is it water damaged? It reminds us of his family’s women problem .

  40. Carter Gwynn says:

    So whose chapstick was he sucking on?

  41. Micah Stone says:

    WRONG: It Was ChapStick
    CORRECT: It was Chap-paquidic-Stick

  42. Wonder if he really enjoys giving BJs

  43. Rob Howarka says:

    Some guys load he sucked out moments earlier.

  44. I’ve never drooled like that using Chap-Stik. It doesn’t really matter, though. What made me crack up is that the Democrats decided to pose a KENNEDY in front of a WRECKED CAR to give the SOTU response. That tells me everything I need to know about their ability to govern.

  45. Kennedy had lip lubricant left over from giving Barack Obama Lewinskys.

  46. Daniel Perez says:

    With how glaringly biased the reporter was pro Kennedy it is amazing how all the comments are anti-Kennedy! I was impressed with the attempt to skirt the curse of giving the response, but then not surprised at how badly it went. The media did their agreed part and tried to spin it in his direction. Then look at the response in the comments. :-)