By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) —  There’s nothing like a good social media beef between NBA players.

Well, there are a lot of things that are better. But at least it breaks up the middle of the season as we await the All-Star break and wade through rumors ahead of next week’s trade deadline.

When it comes to the Feb. 18 All-Star game, players on Team LeBron are dropping like flies, leaving NBA commissioner Adam Silver in search of some replacements. There was some hope in Boston that Jaylen Brown would find his way onto the roster, and the second-year guard even received an endorsement from Warriors All-Star Draymond Green.

Alas, Detroit big man Andre Drummond was given the nod, and deservingly so. Drummond is averaging 14.8 points and and leads the NBA at 15.3 rebounds per game.

But when Drummond’s selection was announced on Twitter, both Brown and Philadelphia rookie reacted the only was 20-somethings know how: With emojis

It appears Drummond took exception to Brown’s quizzical reaction.

“No[t] sure why Jaylen brown is confused,” he wrote. “He’s not even the top 3 option on his team. Got a lot of respect for Ben, his time is coming sooner than he knows.”

Drummond is certainly right about Simmons, but he’s a little off about Brown. He’s averaging 11.3 attempts per game for Boston, which is second on the team behind only Kyrie Irving. And though they don’t really play defense in the All-Star game, Brown should get some brownie points for usually finding himself defending the opposing team’s best options on a nightly basis.

Still, Drummond deserves his spot on Team LeBron, and while Brown has been impressive in his second NBA season, he hasn’t yet earned his All-Star stripes (he will be playing in the Future Stars game during All-Star weekend). But it’s nice to see his personality coming out, even if he’s using an emoji to do so. Mix that with his flex on DeMarcus Cousins a few weeks ago, and it’s clear the young Celtics star is showing the rest of the NBA that he’s arrived.

Brown and Drummond will have a chance to discuss their All-Star on Feb. 23 when the Celtics visit Detroit — the first game out of the All-Star break.


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