BARRE (CBS) – A masked man was arrested for allegedly robbing a pizza shop where he used to work after employees and a customer pinned him to the ground until police arrived.

Barre Police say Sean Coulson walked into Northeast Pizza Shop on Tuesday with a mask on and put a gun to an employee’s face, demanding money.

A gun used in a robbery at a Barre pizza shop. (Image Credit: Barre Police)

Coulson allegedly hit the employee with the end of his gun. The employee suffered minor injuries.

The suspect then jumped over the counter and took a bank deposit bag with $164 inside.

Three employees and a customer wrestled with Coulson until he dropped his gun, then pinned him to the ground.

Sean Coulson. (Image Credit: Barre Police Department)

Barre Police arrived and arrested Coulson.

Employees and Coulson each suffered minor injuries.

Police said Coulson previously worked at the pizza shop, and may have been a manager.