By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady and his talented group of receivers make things look pretty easy on Sunday afternoon.

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But don’t be fooled; there is a lot of hard work put into developing that chemistry on the field, and it sometimes includes some tough love.

That was on full display in the third episode of Brady’s docuseries “Tom Vs. Time,” which hit Facebook Watch on Tuesday afternoon. The episode started with a disclaimer that some mature language would follow, and it did not disappoint.

The episode starts at a ranch in Montana weeks before the 2017 season, with the quarterback putting in some work with receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. Brady calls this “invaluable time” that helps build their special relationship.

While there are some “great jobs” and pats on the behind during the workout, there is also plenty of, let’s say, constructive criticism from Brady. It often sounds like an older brother letting his younger bother know his effort isn’t up to par.

At one point, Brady chastises Edelman for being lazy on a route.

“That don’t win championships,” barks Brady.

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When the receiver fires back that he’d like to see Brady get out there and run, Brady reminds him that’s not his job, with a few choice words mixed in from both sides.

That wasn’t the only time Edelman was the target of Brady’s ire. As viewers are treated to another rigorous massage session at the hands of Alex Guerrero (who tells Brady that “40 is just a number” as he works his magic), the quarterback gets on Edelman for his work in the weight room.

“Let’s keep it real. The only reason you try to get jacked up is to be naked on magazines. You ain’t fooling us,” jokes Brady.

None of this is new for Edelman, who tells the camera he’s been getting picked on for eight years now.

But following their meticulous workout and aggressive exchanges, Brady and company let loose and have some fun. They play some highly competitive golf, race around on dune buggies and dirt bikes, and finish their amusement off by throwing giant rocks off a cliff. Even at 40, Brady still knows how to have fun like a kid. A really big kid.

And through all those brotherly exchanges during their mountainside practices, Brady’s bond with his receivers is that much stronger.

The episode continues with Brady looking over game film after the Patriots dropped to 2-2 on the season as talking heads discuss the team’s potential demise. It’s followed by Brady running down their schedule (while on the massage table, of course), and he correctly predicts they’ll be 6-2 by the time they hit the bye week. It’s interesting, as an anxious Brady appears to be looking past upcoming opponents, a big no-no within the confines of Gillette Stadium.

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As the team hits their off week, Brady is ecstatic that he gets to spend some time with his family. He talks to his son, Jack, about his fantasy football team, and enjoys a big hug from his daughter, Vivian. The episode was another great balance of Brady’s drive on the football field and his life at home, with those awkward massages sprinkled in.