By Lisa Gresci, WBZ-TV

SCITUATE (CBS) — Roads in Scituate quickly flooded during Tuesday morning’s snowfall.

Mary Feeney woke up to a warning phone call from a neighbor.

“He said my trash that was washing away and even that though it was still an hour from tide, might want to get the car and the kids out of there,” she explained.

Feeney and her family moved to this Scituate neighborhood in September. This is their second storm.

“The waves were clearing the house and it was about three stories tall. It was tremendous!”

Even before high tide, waves were crashing over the sea wall.

Feeney evacuated for January’s Nor’ easter. She said, “I never underestimate the power of the ocean, there’s no rock big enough that can hold it back.”

She added that she is thankful her neighbors take care of one another.

“Everyone kind of pulls for each other, roots for each other, helps each other out, people are just a phone call away.”

Most of the people who live in the neighborhood are used to seeing waves crash over the sea wall, but they were still taking precautions just in case the flooding got worse.


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