By Jim Smith

SAUGUS (CBS) – A barbershop is carving up special haircuts for Patriots super fans.

Seven-year-old Drew Ferreira was in the chair at George’s Barber Shop in Saugus prepping for the Super Bowl by getting a cut featuring the Patriots logo.

Mike Moriello is the barber, but he’s really an artist and has been doing it for years.

barber Patriots Fans Keep Saugus Barber Busy Before Super Bowl

Mike Moriello at George’s Barber Shop (WBZ-TV)

“People do this not just Super Bowl time,” Moriello said. “We do Patriots logos in the middle of the summer and the offseason. We got crazy Boston fans and they’re doing it all year long.”

You might say Drew is a regular customer. “Drew loves getting his haircut,” his mother Danielle said. “He can’t go two weeks without having a haircut and it’s always with Mike.

“He picks out his design before he comes, whether it’s the Patriots for a big game or the Bruins, the Red Sox or his hometown Sachems.”

patshair Patriots Fans Keep Saugus Barber Busy Before Super Bowl

Drew Ferreira’s Patriots haircut (WBZ-TV)

Drew wasn’t the only customer there Tuesday. Far from it. In fact, George’s Barber Shop is known far and wide as the place to go when you want to get a little sports art on the old noggin.

Moriello says it’s fun for him too. “Yeah! It breaks up the day from doing regular basic haircuts,” he said. “I like getting creative and doing it for the kids.”

When Drew was asked how many Patriots haircuts he has had, he answered, “Probably a hundred.”


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