By Ken MacLeod

QUINCY (CBS) – A Plainville girl is on a mission to honor the men and women in blue.

Many officers already know about eight-year-old Dakota Matthews, the little Plainville girl is seeking to repay a debt to the police who helped her through a seizure at age four.

“I love them and I started taking pictures with them,” Dakota said.

Dakota Matthews plans to visit every police department in Mass. (WBZ-TV)

On Tuesday, Quincy became the 57th police department she and her mom have visited in her quest to stop by all 351 in Massachusetts.

Dakota has suited up with the SWAT team, learned how suspects are hunted down from the air and what it feels like to be hunted down.

But mostly, she wants officers to know they’re appreciated.

“We’re really glad you came up here today, that was very nice of you,” said Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan.

From the chief’s office, to where the bad guys stay, even a playful “Wanted” poster — for that messy room at home.

The tour doesn’t take long, but it does make an impact.

She hopes to visit every department in the state by age 12.

Dakota and her mom have a Facebook page to document the journey.

Ken MacLeod

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