By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

ST. PAUL, Minn. (CBS) — There’s really not much debate left to be had about Tom Brady’s legacy at this point in time, and that’s something that even Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has to admit.

Lurie spoke with the media at Super Bowl Opening Night on Monday, and he was asked about the quarterback who will be trying to beat his team on Sunday night.

“I love the almost angry focus that he brings to every single game,” Lurie siad of Brady. “It reminds me of some athletes I have great respect for, like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, guys like that.”

Lurie also talked about Bill Belichick.

“I’ve watched Bill and I really enjoy watching Bill coach. I just have tremendous respect for him, always have. Same with Tom,” Lurie said. “”I just think with Bill, he’s a master of situational football. What can I say? I think he’s done a great, great job.”

After gushing a bit about the opponent, Lurie quickly reverted back to the resounding Eagles message from the week.

“Yet they’re obviously a beatable team, like we are. Every team is beatable,” Lurie said. “There’s no magic in what anyone’s doing. I think the whole week, I can say for our team, our 100 percent focus is on us. I don’t think the word ‘Patriots’ got mentioned once after maybe 10 days ago. It’s really about us and what we can do. It’s what we’ve taken to every single football game. And we’ve just got to keep doing that.”

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