BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins rookie defenseman Charlie McAvoy returned to light skating Monday, a week after he was treated for an abnormal heart rhythm.

McAvoy, 20, said the last seven days had been a “week of nothing” since he underwent a successful procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital on January 22.

He told team physicians that he was experiencing heart palpitations following a game back on Nov. 26, and a subsequent evaluation led to a diagnosis of a supraventricular tachycardia (SVT).

The type of SVT is not considered to be dangerous to his health but it can recur at any time and causes significant symptoms, according to the Bruins.

McAvoy said he had experienced symptoms a handful of times previously, but the November incident was longer than usual, so he met with Bruins Internist Dr. David Finn and trainer Don DelNegro.

mcavoy Bruins Charlie McAvoy Feels Good A Week After Heart Procedure

Bruins rookie defenseman Charlie McAvoy talks to reporters Monday. (WBZ-TV)

“I have no reason to think I’ll come back differently,” McAvoy told reporters. “I’m still the same person. I feel good.”

He said it was a “relief” that it wasn’t dangerous to his overall health.

“We have a strategy to get back up to speed,” McAvoy said.

He’s expected to be out at least one more week.

The 14th overall pick in 2016 NHL Draft, McAvoy has played 45 games for the Bruins this season, accumulating five goals and 20 assists.

McAvoy made his NHL debut during last season’s playoffs and quickly became an integral part of the Bruins defense.


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