BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady’s maniacal work habits have been chronicled throughout the years. In Chapter 2 of “Tom vs. Time,” viewers got a look at them first hand.

The newest episode of the Facebook documentary series was released on Sunday, opening with a television interview with a high school-aged Brady talking about his skill set.

Episode 1: Tom vs. Time

At one of his infamous offseason throwing sessions, Brady works on his mechanics during drills with Julian Edelman while quarterback guru Tom House looks on and gives feedback.

“Age is a state of mind,” House tells Brady at one point. “Yeah I don’t give a f—,“ the quarterback responds.

The episode then shifts back to Brady’s Brookline home, where he relentlessly studies film ahead of the Patriots’ Week 4 game versus the Carolina Panthers.

“I could literally just watch film all day,” Brady says, adding he’ll often go over footage for four or five hours without getting up from his chair. “It’s almost soothing.”

Brady pulls up game film from his first Super Bowl appearance, then from the team’s first Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants.

“I’ll never let go of those losses. That scar tissue is too deep, it’s too thick,” Brady says, unleashing an expletive after watching a last-minute pass attempt to Randy Moss broken up in Super Bowl XLII.

“If you want to perform at the highest level, you’ve got to prepare at the highest level mentally through stuff like this. The game for now is very calculated, it’s very strategic. It’s much more like chess than checkers.”

tvt Bradys Maniacal Work Habits On Display In Tom Vs. Time Chapter 2

Tom Brady works on his mechanics with quarterback guru Tom House. (Screenshot from ‘Tom Vs. Time’ on Facebook Watch)

The Patriots go on to a Week 4 loss against the Panthers, and in his car following the game, cameras show Brady venting his frustrations.

“Atrocious. We’re the f—ing Patriots. Let’s just roll our helmets out there and we’re going to win. We’ll score and they’ll quit, and don’t worry we’ll win,” Brady mockingly opines.

Brady explains what led to his outburst.

“A lot of times when I’m frustrated I’m frustrated with myself first,” he says. “You have expectations. When those expectations aren’t met, you’ve got to vent and frustrate. Fortunately, you can do that in your own car. You’re not going to do that in front of anyone else, but you don’t want to hold it in either.”

Chapter 3 of Tom vs. Time is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, with Thursday and Super Bowl Sunday episodes to wrap up the series.

Brady was again asked about the documentary during his Saturday press conference, but opted to “stick to football.”

Watch “Tom vs. Time Episode 2”


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