BOSTON (CBS) — TD Garden was bustling on Sunday as multiple organizations were hard at work.

Firefighters suited up for a unique challenge and a worthy cause.

The Boston Bruins BFit First Responders Challenge is an obstacle course throughout the stadium that firefighters maneuver in full gear.

The event benefits The Hundred Club Inc., a charity that supports families of police officers and firefighters who are killed in the line of duty.

All the while, the American Red Cross was busy accepting blood donations that they were in dire need of.

“First responders see the work that the Red Cross does. They know how important the need for blood is right now,” said Kelly Isenor with the Red Cross. “Every unit of blood is going out faster than it’s coming in. In other words, our hospitals are taking our blood almost before we collect it.”

According to the Red Cross, one blood donation could save up to three lives.

donogue Charity Obstacle Course, Blood Drive Come Together At TD Garden

Dic Donohue (WBZ-TV)

Dic Donohue knows that first hand. He was a transit officer and nearly bled to death during the shootout and pursuit of the Boston Marathon bombers.

“I’m here with my five-and-a-half-year-old son and had I not been able to get the blood to me and in my body as quickly as possible, my son would have grown up not knowing his father. It’s deeply personal for me,” Donohue said.


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