By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — As Tom Brady and the Patriots prepare for Super Bowl LII, the quarterback’s new documentary series has hit the interweb.

It’s obviously must-watch TV for fans of Brady and the Patriots, offering an inside look at the QB’s life at home, his training off the field and competitive fire during games. Chapter 1, titled The Physical Game, hit Facebook Watch on Thursday afternoon and begins with Brady pulling out his notes on each season (after a brief discussion about soccer practice with his daughter). These gigantic folders are a collection of plays from the season, notes from team meetings, and in last year’s case, ways to inspire the quarterback going forward.

In his 2016 season folder, Brady has his suspension letter from Roger Goodell.

“It’s a nice way to remember,” said Brady.

It’s somewhat surprising that it isn’t framed somewhere, right next to a picture of Brady holding the Super Bowl LI trophy. But the folder method obviously works for No. 12.

Of course, highlights of last year’s dramatic Super Bowl are played during the episode. Brady didn’t want his first-half pick-six to be the defining play of that game, delving into his definition of being mentally tough. It’s sure to fire up Patriots fans ahead of the team’s eighth Super Bowl appearance with the QB.

“Being mentally tough is putting all that bulls*** aside, everything that has happened, all the noise, all the hype and focusing on what you have to do,” said Brady. “It’s no excuses, no whining, no complaining. Did you win, or did you lose? End of story.”

Throughout the 15 minute episode, Brady makes a delicious protein shake, does a lot of resistance training (it’s all about pliability, after all), and gets pummeled by Alex Guerrero and another worker at the TB12 Center.


ag What We Learned In Chapter 1 Of Tom Bradys Tom Vs. Time

Tom Brady gets hit by trainer Alex Guerrero during the quarterback’s training (Screenshot from ‘Tom Vs. Time’ on Facebook Watch)

There’s also some awkward rubdowns going on between the two. Brady must really like that guy.

At home, we see that Brady keeps all his Super Bowl rings in a gigantic safe. The quarterback isn’t happy with their unpolished look when he takes them out, but that’s understandable, given they only see the light of day when the he is heading to a celebratory party to add another one to the collection.

We also found out Brady has a bit of a potty mouth when he’s slinging the pigskin.

“When you’re 39 and most guys would go ‘argghhhhh’ … I can fire that mother******,” Brady says as he launches a pass in his backyard.

Good thing the little Brady’s weren’t around for that one.

Chapter 2 is set to hit Facebook Watch on Sunday, giving Patriots fans something to kill time as they wait for Super Bowl LII to finally arrive.

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