By Cheryl Fiandaca

BOSTON (CBS) – Harold Druss is back on the road driving for Uber telling the I-Team that it took a little time and struggle but he finally got it done. Druss was kicked off the ride-share platform in May after a background check turned up a nearly sixty-year-old closed drunk driving case. Druss said he was not convicted and has had a clean record since 1957.

Last year, the I-Team reported that the state regulations, which the ride-share companies agreed to, were disqualifying hundreds of drivers like Druss and Erik Scott who were never convicted of a crime and whose cases have been closed for decades.

uber2 I Team: Uber Drivers Back Behind The Wheel After Regulation Changes

Harold Druss (WBZ-TV)

Scott told us his record is clean, he’s not a convicted felon, and has no charges pending against him. Scott tells the I-Team an old misdemeanor case was closed more than 20 years ago.

Last September, the state revised the ride-share regulations, giving both men the opportunity to get behind the wheel again. Druss proudly showed us his background clearance certificate.

More than 8,000 drivers failed the new state background checks when they were first put into place last year. At this point, state officials told us more than 130,000 drivers have successfully passed the background checks.

erik2 I Team: Uber Drivers Back Behind The Wheel After Regulation Changes

Erik Scott (WBZ-TV)

Druss and Scott hope other drivers, who may have failed the background checks last year, see this story and decide to reapply.

For more information on the updated regulations CLICK HERE.

  1. Wayne Hillis says:

    Uber drivers really aren’t very smart. First of all, they can barely make minimum wage after all expenses including replacing their cars every so many years. And, for every driver on the road their income goes down yet these guys hope other potential drivers read this article and reapply. Duh!

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