By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – I’m sure everyone is happy the government shutdown is over.

Unfortunately, it never should have happened.

Just look at the staggering incompetence that led to this completely avoidable shutdown.

The issues underlying the dispute were not especially complicated or even politically problematic. There is strong bipartisan support for funding children’s health care and disaster relief, for beefing up border security, and for avoiding the deportation of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding immigrants brought here as children.

And no one in their right mind wanted to once again cause the massive disruption and cost that a government shutdown brings, given how unpopular past shutdowns have been.

But the key phrase there is – in their right mind.

Members of Congress and the White House have known for months they had to address all those issues, but as usual, they did little or nothing until the deadline was looming.

Then, rather than sit down and work out reasonable compromises, they immediately resorted to grotesque partisan finger-pointing; they’re all obsessed with some imaginary edge they think they can gain heading into elections that are many months away.

It doesn’t help that the president and his top advisors are in way over their heads, and that this entire generation of congressional leadership has almost no experience getting things done in a professional way.

And if any of them think they’ve impressed any voters with this performance, they really need to think again.

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Comments (5)
  1. It seems to me, Jon, that the gross miscalculation came on the part of the ones who chose NOT to vote to keep the government open.

    Have you read the glorious list of the naysayers? What political party do they represent?

    And caving in after a mere three days, what, exactly do you think they gained by this pathetic performance of petty political temper tantrums?

    Are you afraid to mention the name of the Democratic Party for fear of offending your viewership? Aren’t you doing yourself and them a disservice by playing the same sort of petty political game that the Democrats in the Senate played last Friday?

    1. Well, Teddy, they did get healthcare for close to 9 million children for the next 5 years minimum, also a “promise” of a vote on the DACA people. That is something.
      They also now have Senate Majority leader caught in a hard place. If he breaks his promise and no vote happens he’s a lair which won’t play well and if he does bring the vote (and we know it won’t get to the house) we’re just back where we started last week.

      1. Seeing as though the CHIP extension for SIX YEARS was already in the funding bill, it would seem that they didn’t get much…

        As the whole world except for seems to be saying.

        Watch out. If you spin to fast and get trough the mantel of the earth into the magma, things could get a little warm for you.

        But, spin away if you must. We can use the hole for spent nuclear fuel from Plymouth.

  2. In over their heads? Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.

  3. Jerry Guthro says:

    You are hilarious! You give our two Senators a pass on voting to extend the shutdown.

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