By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — When it comes to outward appearance, there’s nobody on this earth who carries himself with more self-confidence than one Mr. William Stephen Belichick.

Think about it: How many men would step to the podium to talk to a national TV audience having just won an AFC title and punched a ticket to the Super Bowl while wearing this?

Nobody. Only Bill.

That type of confidence is rare, not often found in an NFL head coach, and so it was no surprise to discover that back in the 1980s, Belichick was confident enough to rock a glorious mustache on an NFL sideline.

NESN’s Zack Cox was watching an advanced copy of the upcoming 30 For 30 documentary titled “The Two Bills” when he shared an interesting observation.

Fortunately, the world doesn’t have to wait until the documentary debuts on Feb. 1 to the stache in all of its glory, because NESN’s Doug Kyed then shared the photo with the world.

Goodness gracious …

Belichick probably won’t be sporting such a look when the Patriots arrive in Minnesota next week for the Super Bowl. But you never do know what to expect when it comes to Belichick’s appearance, so maybe the caterpillar crawls back for a special appearance at Super Bowl LII. The world just might be ready for the retro look.

And hey, maybe as a show of solidarity for their relationship, Bill can grow one with Tom Brady, and the two can take the Super Bowl stage to hoist a sixth Lombardi while rocking magnificent lip curtains in front of a hundred million viewers.

Here’s a very important artist’s rendering of what that would look like:

gettyimages 633958840 Photo Emerges Of Bill Belichick Rocking A Mustache; Is The World Ready For This?

What Tom Brady, Bill Belichick would look like with killer mustaches. (Original photo by Timothy A. Clary//AFP/Getty Images)

Anyways, only 12 more days until the Super Bowl.


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