By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – The heartbreaking loss of a father was soothed by the Patriots AFC Championship victory Sunday night. The Mahoney family says their dad said goodbye doing what he loved, watching football.

“I just had such a sense of gratitude to the Patriots, you couldn’t have given us a better moment for my dad,” Katie Mahoney said. “It’s all we could have asked for.”

This AFC championship victory was a sweet one for all of Patriots Nation, but for the Mahoneys of Marshfield, those last minutes will live in their hearts, forever.

“He was so focused on getting to this game,” Marty Mahoney said. “And he did.”

Sisters Katie and Marty said goodbye to their dad Larry Sunday night, but not before he saw his Pats earn one more wonderful win.

“He went up to the ICU Wednesday or Thursday and the doctors told us I don’t think he’s going to survive this,” Katie said.

“He would wake up and say what day is it today? Alright it’s so many days closer to the game. He was more concerned with Tom Brady’s hand than with his own health,” Marty said.

It was the third quarter, with the Patriots down by 10, when Larry needed his first dose of morphine. But he kept watching.

“That second touchdown. It was the craziest thing. I’m watching it like oh my God. Dad the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. He smiled and said ‘yay.’ Honest to God a few minutes later he fell asleep,” Katie said.

“His final moments were exactly the way he would have wanted them. Surrounded by his family. Watching his absolute favorite team make history,” Marty said.

It’s his happiness now bringing peace to all who loved him.

“He’ll be with us as we’re cheering on the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Definitely. We like all five rings that they have, a sixth would be a little extra special for us,” Katie said.

Mr. Mahoney will be laid to rest at the veteran’s cemetery in Bourne this week. His story is proof that sometimes it really is so much more than game.


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