BOSTON (CBS) — As the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles head to Minneapolis for Super Bowl 52, fans are scrambling to tag along…but it will cost you.

According to, 13.6% of their Super Bowl tickets sold so far have been to customers in the Boston area. The only city buying more is Minneapolis, where 14.9% of the tickets have gone.

The company also said tickets for the Super Bowl averaged between $2,000-$3,000 over the years.

That was not the case on the resale market Monday morning. Tickets often started at almost $5,000 for nose-bleed seats.

Looking to be at the 50-yard line or in a private suite? Be prepared to spend an additional $10,000.

Looking at’s 825 ticket listings, the average cost of available tickets came to $7,237.

The NFL controls the distribution of tickets. First, the league sets aside a certain percent of the tickets to the participating teams and the host city.

This year, tickets were reserved to be sold through On Location Experiences and Prime Sport. They offer fans a number of verified travel packages.

Basic ticket and pre-game passes cost around $5,000. Packages that include airfare, transportation to and from the game, and a three-night stay at a nearby hotel could cost as much as $7,575, though the number dipped to $6,635 midday.

If you are looking to create your own travel plans, the price for non-stop flights ranged from $1,100 to $2,000 within hours Monday.

Experts warn that airlines often overbook on purpose and assume there will be cancellations, so be sure to ask for a specific seat number confirmation.

Hotels are using the same strategy, and those closest to the U.S. Bank Stadium were filling up fast. Therefore, make sure you get a confirmation number. Also, do not book a room unless you have a ticket because many hotels are nonrefundable right now.

As expected, the price of tickets will fluctuate until the big game. reports that there is a big price shift when the match-up is established, but the cost falls as the event nears.

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